Friday, 27 July 2012

London Olympics

       Although some of the football games for this years Olympics have already been played, today sees the last day of the Olympic torch relay, where it will end up in the Olympic stadium in London, where the opening ceremony will be held.
Photo taken by my mother, Michelle :)
         This was the Olympic torch being carried through Grays, Essex on the 6th on July 2012, by Mr Donghai Liu from Beijing. It was such a proud moment seeing the Olympic torch being carried down my road, standing with friends and neighbours. We even received some free Coca Cola :)
        Since London won the bid to hold the 2012 Olympic games, there have been many critics who have believed that the entire event will be a shambles, from opening to closing ceremony, where the games will be handed over to Brazil, for their games, which will begin in the summer of 2016.
       The Beijing Olympic ceremony, back in 2008, still resonates in my mind as one of the most spellbinding and mind blowing phenomenons that I've ever had the pleasure of watching unfold. I only hope that the London team have come close to that, which, actually, judging by the reaction of people who had the opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal on Wednesday night, they seem to have done so.
         Regardless of whether the opening ceremony goes swimmingly well, or whether there are a few hiccoughs; and let us be honest with ourselves, it wouldn't really be quintessentially British without any hiccoughs; but all that aside, people are excited about it. 
        There's so much which has been kept secret about it, even down to who will be lighting the beacon inside the stadium. Which I think, has successfully added to the excitement.
         Whatever happens this evening, I'm sure the Olympics will be really fantastic for Great Britain, and hopefully we'll keep a decent amount of those medals at home ;)

          Thanks for reading! Laura

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