Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Following - Part 4

Hello for the second day in a row! If you didn't see my post yesterday, it was basically a photo of Mel Gibson declaring my freedom. Anyhow, as I said, I have a fair bit of free time now, so I thought I'd get back on the horse and post the fourth part of this fun story, enjoy!

I think I fell asleep at some point, because all of a sudden, there was no rain and the first signs of the morning sun were glinting across the horizon. The blinds were drawn across the doors, so they must not have seen me when they went to bed. After a few hours, I decided it was time to leave – he would probably see me if he opened the blinds now, and it wasn’t likely that he’d be nice to me. I got up, my limbs stiff, and a pool of water fell from my coat where it had been collecting between my legs. I stretched out and heard movement in the flat. I could hear their voices from behind the wall of glass, his voice was harder to hear than hers, being deeper. I think he must have gotten closer to me then though, because I heard him telling her that he was sure he’d seen something outside last night. She asked him what, exactly, and he replied uncertainly;
                ‘Well, from the looks of it…a man’
                ‘A man? Are you sure?’
             ‘No, no I couldn’t be sure, it was so dark and when I looked back, it just looked like bin bags.’
                ‘Well I don’t leave my bin bags out there, check now, see if there’s anything there.’
He began to pull the blinds back and I froze – What could I do? I was too high up to drop down without at least breaking my legs, and they’d be sure to see me if I climbed onto the gutter. The blinds were moving slowly and I just caught a glimpse of his head facing away from the window when I noticed in the window’s reflection that part of the balcony was boarded up. In less than a second, I threw myself over the railings and held on for dear life. I heard the key moving in the lock and then came the sound of the door being slid along its runner. I began to panic that he’d look over the balcony, of that they’d see my fingers grasping the edge of the railing. I heard her ask if he could see anything; I heard him reply no. Then the door slid shut again.
I was just about to climb back onto the balcony when I realised that he probably hadn’t closed the blind – it was shaping up to be a lovely day and I could hear them moving plates and cutlery around; probably making breakfast. I was beginning to lose my grip, but I leaned as far as I could to my right, and eventually caught a glimpse of the door. To my horror, the blinds were still open, and he was standing on the end of the balcony smoking. My heart lurched into my throat and I almost fell there and then. I had to be careful now. I began shuffling my hands along the railing in the opposite direction to him, until I was opposite his back. I was in shit-street; if he looked around now, that was it for me – that would be a lot of explaining and I just didn’t have the answers. My foot found a small ledge beneath me then, and I relieved some of the weight from my fingers. I grabbed the guttering above me and sidled along it a bit, before dropping down to the iron walkway below. That made a noise, but I pretended that I’d tripped in case he came to look. I began to whistle as I walked along to the ladder. As I turned to begin my descent, I looked up to the ledge I’d just left. He was looking down at me, curiously. I smiled to him, waving a hand as if I were wishing him good morning. He blew out a last lungful of smoke and put his cigarette out on the wall. I was glad to be at the bottom of the ladder, and I ran to the front of the building. When I got to the road, I turned to look back at her flat. I saw him there, in her bedroom window, staring down at me. I couldn’t see the exact look on his face, but I knew he suspected something.

So, I hope you enjoyed this installment, I'll be on the next bit soon enough! Before I go, I just want to say a huge, huge thank you to anyone who has been kind enough to Google+ any of the posts on here, you cannot fathom how much I appreciate it and how much it makes me love you angel-faced humans :)

Lots of love, and thanks so much for reading! Laura

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