Monday, 26 November 2012


       Hey, this is a bit of a deviation from my normality. It's not often I say I have normality either, so this is a day of firsts. What I was actually going to put on here to break my normaility, was to put on a list of my favourite films/books and whatever, under the assumption that you'd be remotely interested. Anyway, I was just procrastinating, again, and I stumbled across this video of an elephant who paints himself holding a flower. At first, it looks like he's just doing lines, but seriously, watch it all, because it's AMAZING! 

I originally saw it here:

but it's also on YouTube, here

I think that's all, I know I only posted yesterday, but I watched this with my mouth wide open, and had to share it. I hope this makes your day as awesome as it made mine, Laura

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