Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

       Hey, it's that time of the month week again, and I've been so, so busy for the last couple of week, hence there being no posts. I haven't seen anything or read anything new since the Conjuring. So I thought maybe I'd talk to you for a bit. If that doesn't suit you, come back on Friday when I'll be posting Part 6 of Seasons.
       Anyway. Last week, I thought I'd be industrious seeing as it was my last week at home before I came back to uni. I've been meaning to sort through my wardrobes for absolutely ages, because from a very early age, I have been keeping hold of everything. Because it might come in handy. Or because I cannot throw anything away. 
The half-way point.
        Last Monday, that habit changed. I started by clearing out underneath my desks. I thought that would be a nice quick task. It's only the underneath of two desks. (One for work/my laptop etc., the other has the TV on it.) It took A DAY. One whole day was spent on taking things out from under the desk, the smaller one was the worst, and putting them in rubbish bags. 'How, Laura?' you may ask. 'Exactly, friend' I reply. Tuesday I took some crates down that have been in my wardrobe pretty much since they were built, which I guess was about seven or eight years ago. I found things from all the way through secondary school, like old maths books, notebooks I used to write terrible songs and poems in, and a food technology book from year 7. Needless to say they're all in the burning bag. 
         Anyway. I filled up eight rubbish bags - which don't include any paper, because all of the paper went into four separate bags to be burned - and four bags for the charity shop. How in the hell can you fit all of that crap in your life, let alone in your wardrobe? 
          At the end of the week though, I do have actual empty spaces in my room, which I've not had for literally years. And I can actually get to the wardrobes at both ends of the room, which I have also not been able to do for years. I almost feel embarrassed saying all this, because they actually make documentaries about people like me. But I kind of feel like I had to tell the full story so you'd take me seriously when I say I could not get to the laptop to post last week. I couldn't move it either, because the bed was completely taken up by crap I'd taken from the floor, so that I could get to the cupboard.
          Friday's post got lost in the madness of last week as well. By then I'd cleared out most of the junk, but I had to pack to come back to uni n Saturday. I did mean to post this on Sunday so I could get back to normal this week, but the first few days being back at uni are so busy. Over the last three days, I've walked for more than 240 minutes. That's four hours of my life walking between my house, the town centre and campus. Forget all the stuff we've done between the walks!
        Anyway. I'm back now :) 

       I'll be back on Friday I promise! Have a great week! If you're a new student, I hope you're having the best freshers' week! 

        Thanks for reading and for being patient! Laura


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