Friday, 20 September 2013

Seasons - Part 6

        Happy Friday! has your week been as busy as mine? If not, I hope it's been great anyway! As promised, here's part 6 of Seasons.

        We mulled it over for hours. I went back to my house and took a picnic blanket from the back of my dad's wardrobes, and a length of rope from the garden shed. As I was on my way back out of the house, my sister came out of the dining room and cornered me, demanding to know what the rope was for.
      'We're going to try and make a swing.' She had her arms folded and her eyebrows raised and was staring at me incredulously. I gulped.
        'Whatever.' She rolled her eyes 'You can explain to dad where his rope went when he looks for it next time then.' She stomped back through the dining room and I heard her heavy footfalls moving back up the stairs to her bedroom.
         I ran back into the meadow where James was pacing, looking over his shoulder anxiously all the while. When he saw me, the thunder returned to his face.
         'What the fuck took you so long?' I was taken aback.
         'There's no need to swear. Say sorry.'
         'No, why were you gone so long? I could have been found by someone!'
         'By who? No-one ever comes through here.'
       'Why. Did. You. Take. So. Long?' His jaw was clenched and he stated each word deliberately and was clenching and unclenching his fists.
         'I saw my sister, she wanted to know what the rope was for.'
         'And did you tell her?'
        'Of course not, why the hell would I tell her?' My voice was rising too now, I couldn't believe he'd think I'd be stupid enough to tell my sister that we'd just killed someone.
        'Good. Because if you tell anyone, I'll be fetching a second blanket and some more rope, and you'll be tied up in the tree next to her. But wouldn't that be sweet? You and her together forever. How bloody poetic.' He said this with such malice in his voice and his eyes that I felt tears begin to burn behind my eyes. He'd stepped closer to me as he was saying this and I could feel his breaths coming in short bursts from his nostrils. 
          Eventually he stepped away from me and grabbed the blanket from my arms. He skulked over to her, and laid the blanket by her side. Then he lifted her and placed her onto the blanket. I watched as he put a hand tenderly to her face before taking the corner of the blanket and moving it to cover the length of her body.

                           Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday. Laura

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