Friday, 3 August 2012


        So I said in my first post, that I wanted to post some of my creative writing on here, but so far, I've told you about the Olympics, and puddles. 
        This is based on a news story about a failed circus performance, I seem to remember an explosion.

       Silence filled the tent. It was a painful silence; one of those silences which is so out of place, because it follows something so loud. It was probably worse, because it wasn't a stunned, happy silence following a happy din; it was a stunned, baited silence - following a mass of happy sounds. 
       It began as an excited silence, moving quickly into one of nervous anticipation. At this stage, it was verging on the terrified.
        The man was lying still on the ground and music was still booming throughout the tent, although it was almost impossible to hear it over the all-consuming silence. In other words; the music was fighting the silence for air-space, and losing horribly.
       'He didn't do this in rehearsal!' can a whispered voice from behind the curtain.
       'There has to be something wrong - why isn't anybody doing anything?'

       Let me know in the comments if you liked this, if you'd want to see it go anywhere, or if you hated it, because it is a little strange, and would make almost no sense if I hadn't gone any length to explain in before I put it on here :)
        Thanks for reading! Laura

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