Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Something Old...

         I thought I'd take a moment to share with you a poem I wrote about four years ago. (I took a while to think about how long it had been and then it scared me.) It's based on the story of Macbeth which is by William Shakespeare, and not by me at all, in any way shape or form. (just for legalities, should there be a need) It was a class assignment to 'transform a text', this is not what I ended up using for the coursework, but I'm still pretty proud of it, given how early on in my writing 'career' this was. It's not as long as it looks, and it's from the point of view of the witches. I hope you find some element of whimsy in it.

We three witches always meet,
Sun or thunder, hail or sleet.
We plot and plan and laugh and cackle,
Our foes will end up dead or shackled.
We hate the king; he’s not so noble,
Poisoned his father, frog’s eyes and toadstools.
He used our knowledge to gain his power,
Then he cast us out, began to cower;
He couldn’t pay us for what we showed,
And now we’ll collect the debt he owes.
Macbeth is kind but somewhat weak,
His wife has power but acts so meek.
We can see Macbeth is fighting,
For his king; his love undying.
When he and Banquo cross the heath,
They’ll know not what lies beneath;
Our crooked smiles and twisted tales,
Our evil traipsing through the vales.
We want to use him to gain vengeance,
We’ll waste no time with moral repentance.
We looked to the future and witnessed with glee,
Macbeth had power! His king deceased.
We conjured a plan, just us three,
Aided too by Hecate;
To tell Macbeth of what’s to come.
But he shall know not how it’s done;
We’ll go away and leave them to it,
But from a far, we’ll see him do it;
Kill the king and blame another,
His heirs will then go undercover,
Leaving a clearing for Macbeth,
To rule as king until his death.
Then we shall disappear in smoke,
And they shall take it as a joke.
We shall go to the underworld,
And watch as callas acts uncurl.
We’ll laugh at him, watch him suffer,
His wife shall leave him, so shall others.
He’ll give his all to take the crown,
And that will be what brings him down.

          So, that was that. I hope you liked it a little bit. Lots of love, and thanks for reading <3
                                                                                 Laura xoxoxoxox

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