Thursday, 31 January 2013

Film Review: Les Misérables

                                                'FIGHT. DREAM. HOPE. LOVE.'

           Hey, hey! Second post in as many days; you must be getting sick of me. So, why on Earth am I here again? Well, reread the title...there you go, that's your answer. I went to see Les Misérables last night and again, didn't really want to keep quiet. Now, I'm aware that, once again, you DO NOT need me to tell you how great this film is. But I'm going to, because, well; I feel like it. For a full synopsis, cast list, etc., I am once again sending you here.
          I digress, slightly. So, I went in unfamiliar with the stage musical so every move and moment was a surprise. For that reason, I adored it. There is a great deal of 'hype' surrounding this film, and while I was watching it, there were moments when I wondered if I'd been subjected to too much of this, and my expectations were too high. In short; I wondered a couple of times whether I was enjoying it because I was enjoying it, or because I'd basically been told to.            
           I came to the conclusion that I was enjoying it for its own greatness, somewhere between not noticing that my leg had gone to sleep due to its stillness for God only knows how long, and noticing that I hadn't blinked for around the same period of time. My eyes didn't stay dry for long, I'll be honest.

             So, getting down to the film itself, its individual elements and such - the acting is wonderful, actually, no; wonderful isn't the word. There may not be a word. Anne Hathaway was phenomenal, really, crazily phenomenal. When she sang 'I Dreamed a Dream' That's all, I can't verbalise it. Hugh Jackman was fabulous, both of these characters show desperation so well, and make you really feel it. 
            The film is the first to use live singing - it didn't pre-record the vocals and edit them, so if a character is crying, you hear the desperation and the sorrow. It's so beautiful. 
             I didn't write this review last night or this morning for one good reason: this is a film that with each passing hour, and each new moment given to thinking about it, its power just increases. I didn't realise this until some time in the night, so thought I'd give it something like 24 hours, to completely just let it fester and grow with me. That way, I could be as emphatic as my name suggests. (Though, disappointingly, not as panda-like) 
              I don't want to say too much about the plot in case anyone stumbles across this who hasn't seen it. If that's you; I urge you to see it! Please see it. I won't accept 'it's not my type of film' as an excuse; it's everyone's type of film. It's magnificent. What I will go into though, is just how empathetic I felt for every individual character throughout the film. You love the characters you're supposed to love, and hate the characters you're supposed to hate. In the end, you still feel sympathy for the ones you're supposed to hate. There are incredibly bleak times, as the name would suggest, but there are some truly funny scenes which include Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter which really do their job well in relieving the darkness of the world of the film.

             Sitting here now, writing this, I just want to go and watch it again. I'd cry more, laugh more, engage more now that I know how much I love it, and why I love it so much. I've never known a film to have  almost filled the room almost two months after its (UK) release; have more than half of its audience in near violent tears, and receive a round of applause at the end. Wow doesn't cover it. Incredible nearly does. Seriously - people were sobbing; one couple had to stay behind for a while because the girl was legitimately having a breakdown. I can't cry at films in front of my family, and I couldn't hold it in. 
             The only very, very tiny and almost insignificant criticism I have, is that you don't have to sing literally every word, some more of it could have been done in normal words, but like I say; that's not relevant, and it didn't ruin it or take away from any aspect of awesome at all.
              Drop me a comment with your thoughts and opinions, are you in the minority who thought it was mediocre or poor? Or are you more fanatical about it than I have been (I didn't realise how much I loved it until I was halfway through this post and have seen the adjectives I've used for it.)
             It's still not been released in every country yet, for your country's release date, have a look here; I'm going to leave you with this, and I'm going to go and get my hands on the soundtrack so I can relive it on the way to everything. 

                                              Thanks for reading, you're really great! Laura

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