Monday, 25 February 2013

The Following - Part 1

        Hey, happy Monday! I thought I'd go back to being creative today, and I started writing a short story about a week ago, so I thought that was pretty perfect timing. I also made a bit of a strange choice, which you might have deduced from the title; I'm going to do this in installments.
        Aside from the fact that I've not finished it yet, I just think it'll be better if you don't have to read some massively long thing at some point in the future, if I ever finish it. At least this way, I'll have a reason to finish it as well. Without further hesitation/rambling...

         I saw them at the train station. It was on platform 5, and I don't remember exactly which station, because there are a few around here. I don't know why I was there. Fate had thrown us together; Him, with his pristine jeans, smart shoes and pressed jacket. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress that reminded me of summer. I only remember her dress, and her hair. Oh, her hair! It was perfect - golden, shiny, waist-length - like something from a shampoo advert. It hung around her frame like an elegant ball gown; it was all she needed.
           They were hugging. I don't know why but I just stood and stared. I think they complimented each other well and I couldn't look away. He said something and they laughed as the train charged into the station. They hugged again, this time fleetingly and he picked up a bag from the floor beside him. He jumped through the doors, she wiped a tear from beneath her right eye. He waved through the windows of the train and blew her a kiss. She pretended to catch it, placing it delicately against her dampening cheek. She wiped another tear away. The train left. She watched it go and stood there for a while, watching it take the other half of her soul with it, for how long?
        After a few moment, she wiped the last of her tears away, faster than before, and composed herself - she took a deep breath, straightened her scarf, pulled down her jacket and tossed her hair. She still looked upset, though, and that was the problem I had; I couldn't let her leave my life without knowing she was okay.
          Outside the station, she got on a 222 bus. She didn't have enough on her Oyster card, so I fumbled in my pocket for some change and gave it to her. She looked happily stunned by this and her face lit up. She's so beautiful up close; I think my world stopped for a moment.
            We got off six stops later; she lives in a nice little flat, next to a hospital. It looks like a lovely area. I noticed one of the flats in the building opposite was up for rent...

              That's all you're getting for now! I have no idea when you'll get the next bit, but you'll (hopefully) be glad that I have a whole paragraph just waiting to be added to a typed up. I hope you liked this, and that you'll come back for the next bit. If you didn't like this, I promise it won't be just this from here on in.

                                 Until next time, Take care! 
                                                         Thanks for reading! Laura

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