Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Following - Part 2

        I won't bore you - here's part two of that thing you liked last time.

         It was three months until we saw him again. I'd been enjoying our trips into the town centre, walks to the library, even just the bus rides to 'ASDA' had become something I looked forward to. I knew all of her friends by name, and had even gone with her to 'Bella Italia' when she met her parents in there one Tuesday. I'd almost forgotten about him, so hated the reality of his existence. Still, he's the reason I've been seeing so much of her, so I guess I can't complain about him too much. He got off of the train at 1:42 pm. He was wearing the same coat as before, despite the increase in temperature that three months often brings. I'd have felt more resentment towards him, had she not shown such joy in her face when they embraced. We walked slowly together out of the station and went to 'Nando's'. He had a bag with him which looked quite full, so I assumed he'd be staying for the weekend. Great.
          Over the next hour, I learned that his name was Anthony and he was studying for his Master's Degree in Biochemistry. Show-off. They decided to watch 'Taxi Driver' later on that night. I've never liked the movie myself, but for her, I thought I'd swing by to watch it with them. We left together and walked back to her flat instead of catching the bus - the sun had come out while we'd been in 'Nando's' so it was lovely walking weather. 
          When we got back, they went into her flat, and I went across the road to mine to nap. I also wanted to get my camera, so I could take some photos of the night. I waved to them, but they didn't look back; they were laughing together and disappearing inside the building. Shortly after, I saw her open the curtains of what must have been her bedroom. He came behind her then and embraced her. He kissed her neck and she turned to him. I went into my building then - it was too painful to watch her in the arms of another.

                 Thank you so much for coming back to read the second part of this, I'll aim to have the third part up soon as possible, but it may be a bit longer until my next post, as I have some big ol' deadlines coming up!

                                      Thanks again, you are wonderful. Laura

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