Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Following - Part 3

         I feel like this is a big achievement, I made you a quasi-promise and actually followed through on it. Here, as promised, is part 3 of The Following.

                I woke up from my nap and realised that I’d been sleeping for longer than I meant to, as the streetlights were piercing the darkness of my apartment. The photo of her that I keep in a silver frame was just a cube of light at the end of my bed. I picked it up and replaced it on the shelf. I smiled to myself at the sight of her face and then turned away. I could hear water hitting the window, and the way the moon was coming through a small gap in the cloud cast a pale blue light over everything, making it easy for me to manoeuvre in the dark.
                I took the skittles from the side. I’d made sure to buy sour ones, because I knew she liked those best. I put my shoes back on and tried to decide between my coat and my umbrella. In the end, even though it was still around 24oC outside, I reasoned that my coat would take up less room.
                It was raining heavier than I thought outside. I glanced up to see that her bedroom curtains were still closed, but the living room curtain were open and I could see the light from the TV screen flickering into the bleak night air. I pushed the skittles into my pocket and ran across the road to the foot of her building. I went to the back and began climbing the ladder there. I went up three floors and climbed from the metal landing onto the guttering. It was slippery tonight, but I’d anticipated that and had work shoes with more grip than usual. I’d learned that from past errors.
                From here, I sidled along the guttering until I came to her balcony. I climbed onto it silently and crept round to the French doors. I peered in at them; him sitting upright on the far left of the sofa, her cuddling into him. I sat cross-legged outside and realised I’d forgotten my camera. I cursed, but came to realise that due to the rain, I wouldn’t have been able to get a clear shot. Instead, I took out my skittles and began to eat.
                When the film finished, I started to leave, however he got up and put another one in. Although I was soaked to the bone and further, I decided to stay for the second one, to make up for missing the first half of ‘Taxi Driver’. I had a few skittles left anyway; I’d normally have eaten them faster but the darkness was making it difficult to see what colour I was eating, and I like to eat them in order. On his way back to the sofa, his eyes flicked to the window, and I think he almost saw me, because his gaze rested there for a moment, before she distracted him. When he looked back, I’d put my head down and had jammed my hands into my pockets, so that to him, I may just resemble a bin bag, or nothing at all. It worked, because when I slyly lifted my head around a minute later, he had resumed his position on the left of the sofa and was playing with her hair to the opening of ‘Fatal Attraction’.

                                      Sorry for spamming you! Thanks for reading anyway, you're swell!

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