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Game of Thrones series 3

          Hey, everyone! I can't believe I've managed to post a review on the right day, during the day! It almost feels like I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, like I said on Thursday, today is a review of the 3rd series of HBO's Game of Thrones, which ended in the UK last night. If you're yet to watch the series, I suggest you stop reading after watching the trailer which I've included here for the fun of it. If it's the last episode you haven't watched, there really isn't much for me to ruin in the last episode, so you *should* be safe. Anyway, exercise caution! 

                If you haven’t yet watched the third series of GoT yet, I don’t recommend you read much further.

                The third series of Game of Thrones premiered on 1st of April this year (UK) and has been a rollercoaster of a series. With rising tensions between the Lannisters and everyone else, including themselves, and Daenerys building her army, the series as a whole has certainly not been a disappointment.

                It’s difficult to say what the main focus of the series has been, being as everyone is a main character and they’re all at war with each other, but the things that I think have been the best parts of the series have been:

     - My feelings of empathy towards Theon when I ended the last series being so angry with him for betraying Robb. Of course I feel empathetic though – he’s been tortured, then freed, but not really freed because Ramsay Snow is extremely psychotic, then he’s tortured some more and now he’s a eunuch. None of this is in the books, yet the inclusion of it has really worked because, I think, if Theon had been absent from the next two series and told all of this in retrospect, it would seem like there was a huge gap – not only because it would leave audiences thinking ‘Well why didn’t you show all of this then? It can’t have been as bad as all that’ and also simply because he was such a major character in the first two series.

      - Daenerys’ takeover of Astapor which was just incredible. It’s no secret to anyone that I completely adore Daenerys – so I was always going to be happy when she made the 8,000 unsullied turn on their own enslavers, and burned a city to the ground with a dragon which is not even fully grown. Before that though, the part that had me literally cheering was when she spoke to the unsullied in their own language, turning to their previous ‘owner’ and screaming that he’d been calling her a whore in her mother tongue. That, ladies and gentlemen, was beautiful.

      - Jaime Lannister becoming one of my favourite characters. He’s grown as a person, realising he can’t just use his father’s name to get out of trouble. More than that, he walked away from a bear and a huge group of angry men without the use of his fighting hand.

       - Cercei’s face when she was told she is going to be married to Sir Loras Tyrell.

       - When Arya told the Hound completely calmly that one day she’d put a knife through his eye. That was great.

       - Daario Naharis. 

      - When Jaime came back and went to Cercei. As much as I dislike her most of the time, that part was really quite endearing and heart-warming.

     - The Red Wedding scene. Now, I didn’t enjoy this part because it was heart-breaking and left me feeling devoid of any emotion for at least a day, however, it was extremely well done. The things which made it most crushing were the fact that Jeyne Westerling had just told him that she would name their son after Eddard Stark. God, the last fifteen minutes of that episode were awful. In a good way, sort of.

                The only issue I have with the Red Wedding being so explosive is that it made the final episode seem dull. There were clearly some good things which happened and I did enjoy it, perhaps I am still slightly devoid of emotion after last week’s episode as well. The ending to the series was heart-warming, which I appreciated and I have definitely been left wanting more. The next series is being filmed and is due to be televised in 2014.
                Overall, I give this series of GoT four and a half pandas, I’d give it five if I didn’t feel like the final episode felt a bit flat. Feel free to disagree, but it felt like the kind of groundwork I’d expect from episode 1 of a series. 

               Drop me a comment below if you agree/disagree, which parts were your favourite? What did you hate? Who is your favourite character? Who do you hate? How many pandas would you give this series? All of that stuff. If I ruined anything for you, feel free to comment but don't expect much sympathy because you were warned on multiple occasions that there would be big spoilers! Thursday will be the last part of The Following, so come back for that!

                Have a great week and thanks for reading! Laura

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