Friday, 21 June 2013

Teddy Bear's Trombone.

              Hello! How's the weather where you are? It was quite warm here yesterday, I think they said on the news it was the hottest day since the 9th of September last year. I guess today didn't want to steal its thunder as it's overcast and drizzly. 
              Anyway, seeing as we're done with The Following, I found myself at a bit of a loss as to what to write, so I wrote down a list of 5 people/characters, 5 places and 5 objects, and put them into three separate piles. I find that this is a really great way of getting some fun and unexpected short stories, often causing you to write in a different style/genre to whatever you're used to. It's also a really good way to get over writer's block. Anyway, you pick out one from each pile, so it ends up being like my Jeff and the Giant Apple post from a while ago, which began as 'a painted, an apple, and an abandoned castle.'
                I decided to pick them all out in their trilogies, so I may use the others in the future, but the first one I picked out happened to be 'a teddy bear, a shopping centre, and a trombone'. God only know where this is going.
A Sunday in the heart of May,
I took teddy to the shops to play,
His trombone made of finest gold,
He would not even let me hold,
The instrument when it was cold;
My teddy bear’s trombone.
He plays it every day and night,
He blows and blows with all his might,
He played today for just three hours,
No-one’s face had even soured,
They underestimated the power;
Of teddy bear’s trombone.
A woman spoke about her diet,
I didn’t notice it go quiet,
I turned around to see no bear,
There was a distinct void just there,
I couldn’t help but stop and stare,
There was no bear and no trombone.
It seemed that someone had stolen teddy,
And on my feet became unsteady,
I looked in every shop I saw,
Not just peering ‘round the door,
And then I saw upon the floor,
My teddy bear’s trombone.
‘Where has he gone?’ I asked myself,
And when I looked upon the shelf,
I saw my teddy sitting there!
Who would take a little bear,
And make him sit so high up there?
Leaving him with no trombone.
I took him down and brushed him off,
With little bits of purple cloth,
I took him to the pretzel stand,
And put a treat into his hand,
He played until he earned a grand,

On his shiny gold trombone.

          So, that went in a far different direction than I expected it to, it also took me quite a while due to the strange rhyme scheme. I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was fun for me to write!
        The other combinations were 'a boat, a philanthropist and a boot', 'a refugee, a factory and an ice cream', and 'a sauna, a magician and a frisbee'. If you're inspired by any of these, or inspired to try your own, why not email me the results? My email is in my new 'Talk to Me' page at the top ^^^^ and I'll make another new page for featured posts!
            Okay, next week, there won't be any posts, as I am going abroad for a week, flying out at 7:30 am tomorrow morning, and flying back the following Saturday. I did manage to find a blogger app, so I may be able to post something general one day if I can get wifi, but there won't be anything fancy, and it'll be even more off schedule than normal.

                              Have a great couple of weeks! Until the next time,
                              take care and lots of love! Laura

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