Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Following - Part 9

            Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great week! As I said, this is the last part of The Following. It's a bit longer than previous ones but I didn't want to drag it out any more for you guys, and I'm looking to write some different stuff now. I've almost had enough of violence and blood for a while now. (Almost) So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy the last bit of this story.
             ‘Now, he’s told us his story – what’s your version of events?’ He seemed friendly enough, but I didn’t want to upset the old lady from downstairs by lying. I was also scared she’d hate me if I told the truth.
‘He knocked on the door and then he came in before I tod him he could and then we had a chat and then we had a fight.’
‘What was the chat about?
‘…His girlfriend’
‘What about her?’
‘I’m sure he told you.’
‘Yes, he said some things, but we wanted to hear it from you. What did he say about his girlfriend?’
‘That I’d been following her.’
‘Have you?’ I glanced sheepishly at the old lady next to me. She nodded her support, never ceasing to cleanse my wounds. I felt all the anger I’d ever felt being lifted from my soul as she wiped.
‘Go on, dear, it’s best to tell the truth. You’ll be respected much more if you do.’ I looked back at the policeman.
‘Yes.’ I muttered.
‘Why don’t you tell me about it? When did it start?’
‘I saw her at the train station and she looked really sad. I followed her to make sure she was going to be okay and she was. Then I kept seeing her around and making sure she was okay. Then I got used to going out when she did, and she didn’t seem to mind so I carried on.’
‘So she knew about this?’
‘Not exactly. Then one night I saw that the telly was flickering, so I climbed up to her balcony to watch it with her. I was nice to feel so close to her. I just wanted to be close to her.’
‘Did you ever approach her?’
‘Did she ever appear scared?’
‘She never noticed me.’
‘We’ll have to question her.’
‘That’s fine, I guess I’m going to prison anyway.’
‘It’s unlikely, especially if she was never fearful or apprehensive of any force. We’d recommend that you get some sort of therapy – this sort of behaviour is not healthy.’ I nodded at my knees. I felt like a child again. In a way, I felt like I was being rebuilt.
‘Are you kidding? He doesn’t get jail time?’ The intruder had a rekindled fire in his eyes and appeared to be steaming. I hated him. The policeman moved over to the guy and tried to calm him. The old lady finished cleaning my face and smiled at me.
‘How about a cup of tea?’ I smiled back, she was right, I did feel better after being cleansed. I felt stronger.
‘Actually, I think I’ll be fine now, thank you.’ I took the bowl from her lap and moved into the kitchen with it. She stood up, smiled at me and shuffled her way out of my apartment. I tipped the bloody water into the sink, enjoying the gurgling sound it made as the drain forced it down, choking on it. I looked up at him, I wished he’d choke on it.
I heard my neighbour from the floor above slam his front door, returning home from a tiring day at Burger King. His heavy footsteps resonated through my ceiling, making the lights flicker. The flickering caught something on the floor to my left and made it flash. I saw the knife and knew what I had to do; I had to kill him so I could have her to myself.
I took the broom from the corner and began to sweep the debris from the floor, making sure I took the knife with me. He looked towards me and his eyes widened.
‘Hey! No look at him! He has a knife he’s going to kill us!’ He was panting, I moved the broom over the knife and leant on it casually.
The largest policeman sighed. ‘I’m getting real sick of your tactics. Jordan, could you check that Mr Steadman doesn’t have a knife. Make it snappy - I wanna get outta here, my wife’s got a casserole cookin’’ The medium policeman walked over to me, his demeanour was cockier than the other two, I got the feeling he hadn’t been on the force long and still felt like he had some power. I shrugged at the man as he looked over the counter to the floor.
‘No knife, just wood splinters’ I bent down and took the dustpan and brush from the cupboard and began to sweep up the door fragments.
‘Okay, let’s get outta here. Come on.’ The largest policeman hauled my attacker from his chair and moved towards the door. I moved around the counter top and stood beside the open door. The smallest policeman went first – ‘Sorry about your door.’ He muttered, his hands thrust deep into his pockets. The largest policeman barged through the door after him, nodding to me and grunting something I couldn’t understand under his breath. It sounded like an agreement to the small one’s apology.
The intruder was being pushed along by ‘Jordan’, he was being difficult and as he was coming towards me he glared. I smiled at him as he was on the way past and plunged the knife into his gut. His eyes widened once again, this time fear overpowering the anger. I stared straight into his eyes as I twisted the knife, enjoying the pained grimace on his face. Jordan seemed oblivious to it, so pushed the man onwards, increasing his pain. I was still twisting, by now I was clenching my teeth and the policemen in the hall had started to turn. I pulled the blade back out and forced it into his neck. There were yells all around me and something warm was splashing over all of us.
My vision had started to blur and everything sounded as though I had cotton wool in them. I was no longer in control of my actions, or even my body. The rage had engulfed me, the way it always had. This time, it was different though – my heart was beating so fast that it frightened me, and I felt an intense pain in my right arm. I slumped to the floor beside my attacker, feeling my breaths becoming shorter and more desperate. I was vaguely aware of some shouting as my consciousness trickled away for the last time.

           Hope you liked it! That's been going on for something like three months now, so if you have any ideas for content you'd like to read about, I'm open to suggestions, so drop me a comment. I have no idea yet what Tuesday's review will be, so again, if you have any ideas or requests, comment on here, tweet me, all of that stuff! 

            Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! Laura

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