Sunday, 18 August 2013

Seasons - Part 3

           Surprise! It's not Friday, what's happening!? So yesterday I mentioned that I felt bad for not posting for two consecutive Fridays and also that I had a rough idea of where this story is going, except of course for the ending. I have a couple of ideas but I was thinking I might do a little poll or something so you guys get to pick the ending. (If I can figure out how to do it.) Something I forgot to mention yesterday was that I added a couple of things to the blog, such as a search bar, if you wanted find a particular post or whatever, but more importantly; I added a translate tool. It's a drop-down menu with so many languages on it, so the entire blog post can be translated into whatever language you choose. The translation is likely to be very loose, because my phrasing is so weird sometimes, but maybe it'll hopefully convey the general meaning behind it! 

The website/blog I got this image from has a really lovely poem with it, if you get a chance, have a look!  It was an unexpected but very pleasant discovery for me.
       I knew it was a betrayal of James' trust, but one morning I got up early and went down to the meadow. I'd slipped a note in Amber's pocket the day before to tell her to meet me there. Lately, James had been getting more attention and I wanted her to myself for a while. It's not necessarily that she liked James more than she liked me, but he had more confidence, more bravado, more charm. I things that drew me to him and kept me there were beginning to make me hate him. Amber was already there when I arrived, breathless from running and from anticipation. Each breath emerged as wisps in the crisp spring air, picking out the swirling crystals of dew which were rising from the grass and falling from the leaves of the trees. 
        She was sitting with her back to me. I took a deep breath and began walking towards her. She was humming to herself and plucking the petals from a rose delicately. I stepped on the twig of a branch we'd broken from a tree the day before while we were swinging on it. Amber looked around as the branch crunched beneath my feet and smiled. She didn't get up, so I smiled back sheepishly and sat down beside her.
       'You came. I didn't expect you to come.'
       'Why wouldn't I come, silly?' she giggled as she said this, her eyes sparkling. The morning was misty because of the dew and I shivered, my body temperature returning to normal after running all the way to the meadow. 'You're a little late, I didn't think you'd be coming.' She looked back towards the rose, it's beauty dwindling as she picked away at it, piece by piece, the petals strewn across her skirt and the grass beneath her. 
       'I- I'm sorry, I -' She looked back at me, a playful glint in her eye and and giggled again, throwing the rose to one side and laying back onto the grass. 'You'll get damp, here, lay on my jacket.' She smiled at me, sitting up once again to let me place my coat under her. The sun was beginning to break through the trees, casting warm ribbons upon us. I looked down at her and she tugged on my arm, silently inviting me to lay beside her. I nervously obliged. 
      We lay there in silence for a while, and then unexpectedly, she rolled onto her side and kissed me. For a moment, the world disappeared. She pulled away and I laid there, shaking in disbelief for a few seconds. She rolled her eyes, laughing and pulled me up so I was resting on my elbow, and held the back of my neck as she kissed me again.

           So that's that, I hope you're all having a great weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday to finally review the book I finished reading a couple of weeks ago.

                                Thanks for reading - Laura

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