Friday, 23 August 2013

Seasons - Part 4

        Hey! How has your week been? I felt so smug last night that I'd written this in advance, but when I looked, I realised I'd only written the second half of it. It's all here now though, you'll be pleased to know. I guess it's slightly longer this week, but I didn't want to stop writing it before I did. It's a bit more grisly this week, but what do you really expect from me?

         All of my senses seemed to both dull and heighten at the same time, the air smelled sweeter, the grass felt softer and the birds sang more joyously and with more volume. Yet I couldn't see, or feel anything else. The world was beautiful for a couple of minutes. Then came the sound of rushing footsteps, and a shout which tore at my happiness, causing the freezing heat of fear and guilt to rush through my whole body: 'You son of a bitch!' I pulled away from Amber and snapped my head towards James. The look on his face terrified me to the core. I was frozen, everything sounded dull, like I had cotton in my ears. James' movements seemed to slow, like he was trying to run through water. I watched as he pulled his hand back, drawing it into a fist as it went. I began to scramble to my feet, but time had returned to normal, and he was on top of me within seconds, flipping me onto my back and punching me, mercilessly. He was screaming insults at me blindly. His face held a furious determination, his mouth contorted into the most hideous grimace. I looked into his eyes and saw nothing, rage had overcome him. I knew he couldn't see me, he couldn't hear anything. Amber tried to pull him away from me, but he pushed her violently away. She landed heavily, but didn't pause for breath before jumping up once again to rush to my aid.
        James turned his head as she screamed desperately for him to stop. As he turned his face back towards me, he saw the branch that lay to our left. The sight of it seemed to stop him in his tracks. I wondered if he'd suddenly remembered that our friendship was more important, that he was hurting his best friend. He leaned slightly as if he were about to stand up. I relaxed slightly, but he didn't stand. He picked up the branch and held it for a moment over my face.
        I saw the branch rising, as if the seconds had slowed - the hands of old father time turning down the dials as if to savour these very moments. I saw the look of hatred on his face, the smallest hint of a malevolent smile darkening his brow; tainting his lips. The branch rising, rising; carelessly, gracefully. I tried to squeeze my eyes shut, bracing for impact, but I couldn't stop watching, these were my final moments. Then it struck - the true power of nature revealed. 
       I think I heard the impact before I took into account it's effects, blood speckling our clothes like the rose petals strewn about the grass. But the branch hadn't collided with its intended victim. For a while, we sat there - the silence painful. It was like the universe had stopped to stare. No birds sang, no trees swung listlessly in the breeze, James and I didn't dare breathe. We just stayed as we were; me laying on my back, hands slightly protecting my face - him straddling me at the waist, though now he was holding the branch at his side. It looked strange, the branch, as if it had done nothing wrong at all. And of course, it hadn't. Not really. But the far end of it told a different story, caked in Ambers blood, with a few strands of hair knotted around it. 
       James let it fall from his fingers, never once looking away from Amber lying on the ground a few feet away. She looked broken, her arms and legs jutting out unnaturally, her hair lying all around her as if she were submerged in water. But the thing that really got me, was how still she was. I think we were both waiting for her to roll over, called James a clumsy prick and start laughing at us. But she just laid there, for the longest time, still, so still.

          So, I said it was grisly, but how did you find it this week? Leave me a comment below with what you thought of it, you can even make it anonymous, but I promise I won't bite! I have no idea whatsoever to review on Tuesday, so I can't tell you what that will be about yet. If you have any ideas or suggestions for what I can review, leave a comments, or tweet me; @EmphaticPanda. Have a great weekend!
                                             Thanks for reading! Laura

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