Saturday, 27 July 2013

Seasons - Part 2

       Hello! For the second week in a row, I've had so much trouble getting a post started. I have very little inspiration - even less motivation. I'm sure it's the heat. Anyway, today, the first book on my reading list for 3rd year arrived today, so I guess I've started my final year at university already. If anyone's interested, it's 'The Outsider' by Albert Camus. From looking at the blurb, it should be a pretty interesting read! Plus, it's only 117 pages, so even if I hate it, I won't have to hate it for long :)
        Without much more waffling -
          Days got shorter, autumn came and went and before long, we were throwing snowballs at each other instead of clods of dirt. The meadow was ours. 
         For all the years we'd been coming here - climbing over my back fence so we didn't have to walk the extra three minutes around the corner of our street - we'd seen around six people. One of them was a man who walked his dog through the meadow. He tips his hat to us with a smile, and says 'boys' in a stern but friendly way. He sometimes lets us pet his dog. Apart from him, there are no recurring faces. One day - a Monday - a girl came to the meadow. She was pretty; my height, brown hair, blue eyes, perfect skin. She seemed shy, hardly saying a word. She moved towards us silently, she was almost ghostly in her movements - so graceful she appeared to be floating just above the ground. We stopped hurling snow at one another, and gazed at her, mesmerised. Her face was tilted slightly to the ground, almost apologetically. I loved her instantly. So did James. 
          We both knew how the other felt, and she was fully aware of both our feelings. One day she'd giggle with James, running her fingers through his hair, some days she'd give me all of her attention. James and I tried to hide our bitterness from each other, but cracks were starting to form, and she was well aware of each and every one of them.
          That's it for this week. I know I'm late, so, so late. But it's still Friday in America so at least some of you guys are reading this on the day I said you would. I can't say I'm surprised - I've been having trouble being motivated lately, hopefully next week will be better. I'm not sure what to review on Tuesday, but I just finished a book, so maybe I'll review that for you guys, because it's a good book, but doesn't have the notoriety to go alongside it. Have a great weekend! 

                                Thanks for reading! Laura 

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