Tuesday, 23 July 2013

TWOS-day review - Part 1 -Monster's University.

         Hey everyone, did you know I nearly posted this yesterday because I was convinced it was Tuesday? I stopped myself, don't worry. The twosday/Tuesday pun wouldn't really work on a Monday. Anyway, on Thursday, I was fortunate enough to see both Monster's University, AND catch the midnight premier of The World's End. I was going to save one for next week, but MU has been out for a few weeks now so I didn't want to drag that review out for much longer, and then seeing as I actually saw World's End at the stroke of midnight on its release day, I didn't want to wait to post that. I'm going to get started with MU, just because I saw that one first.
         There are quite a few trailers for this around on YouTube, and seeing as I already put one in this post, so I thought I'd put a different trailer, hopefully without ruining too many moments from the film;

         First of all, let me just say that baby Mike is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. Anyway. I was ridiculously excited to see this film, and I had such big expectations for it. While I can't honestly say that the film surpassed my expectations, it certainly met them. 
           Monster's University was released in UK cinemas on the 12th of July, 2013 (the same day as Pacific Rim) and so far, hasn't had the same level of stupendous reviews from critics on Rotton Tomatoes, or IMDB: on both, it has received around 70% positive feedback - which, attached to any other film would be a great score, but Pixar Generally receive ratings in the high 80's, sometimes even in the 90's. Of course, this isn't generally something I even consider when going to see, or even when I review a film for myself, and I only mention it this time, because I wanted to consider for a moment whether critics - and the public - are reviewing Monster's University as a film in its own right, or in comparison to Monster's Inc. 
            Based on that, in its own right, MU is a really great stand-alone film. It's cute, it's funny, the colours are bright and it appeals to an audience of all ages. The storyline is gripping and really has you rooting for Mike. This film shows a completely different side to both Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sully, (John Goodman) and also Monster's Inc. bad guy Randal. (Steve Buscemi) This makes for some really great character development, where the audience can see the unfolding of the relationship between Mike and Sully, as well as how they learn from each other and grow, as well as seeing all of the things that makes their adult friendship so strong.
             I don't really have any negative things to say about this film as a separate entity, and I've read reviews from other people which question whether Monster's Inc. even needed another film to support it, or add to it in any way. And I really don't think it does. Monster's Inc. is such a great film - great jokes, great storyline, cute characters who don't need much explanation or development. I do, however, love MU as backgrounding to the MI storyline. While there may not be a need for a second film, it doesn't ever feel like they made it just for the sake of it. 
             I also have to say - without any spoilers - that I was so glad the film didn't end how I thought it would, and wove such a lovely narrative of how Mike and Sully got to be in the positions they're in during Monster's Inc.  
                 Based on this, I give Monster's University four pandas.

                In a couple of hours, I'll have a review of The World's End posted on here for you. Until then, thanks for reading!

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