Friday, 5 July 2013

The Magician's Blind Date

       So I'm thinking about making Friday creative day. I tried so hard to upload yesterday, but I lost my USB stick, then I wrote half a post, then published instead of saved, then deleted it, etc., etc., etc. So, Yesterday I took another of my 'people, place, thing' groups and got 'a magician, a frisbee and a sauna' which is an interesting mix to say the least. So, without further ado, because this will not be a Saturday thing, I give you Mike.
         The magician shifted uncomfortably in his chair, it was evident that the woman sitting across the table was unimpressed. She was sitting sideways in her chair with her arms folded, her body angled away from him. Sometimes she'd appear to check her nails, others she'd twist her hair around her fingers, rolling her eyes and sighing. He cleared his throat. 
          'So, er, you like flowers?'
          'Right.' He took a napkin from the table and wiped his mouth with it. He stretched his arms straight out  to his sides causing a waiter to have to swerve and almost drop his tray full of avocado salads. The waiter tutted, the magician wiggled his fingers as if warming them up to play the piano. He cleared his throat loudly, rolling his neck from side to side, then closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose. He expelled the air as if building up to something huge - his date was sitting rigid, giving him her full attention and sitting forward in her seat. He stood up suddenly and swung his arms around violently to stretch out his shoulders. He stretched his legs out, then sat down suddenly and stared his date in the eyes. She stared back, her eyes wide. He clenched and unclenched his hand dramatically, slowly reaching into the centre of the table. He picked up the vase in the centre of the table, took out the single, dropping poppy and threw the vase on the floor to the side of his date's chair. Smiling broadly, he presented her with the flower.
          She looked incredulously at the flower, then incredulously at him, then back to the flower. She repeated this action for some moments, then delicately, she reached her hand to the flower, delicately touching its pathetic petal. The flower burst into flames. The magician let out a yelp and dropped the flower. Luckily, it landed in the pool of water he'd just created by the side of their table. She folded her arms and glared at him across the table.
           'You got water on my shoes.'
           'I'll buy you a new pair! Where are they from? Topshop?' 
           'They're Manolo Blahniks, you idiot.'
           'Bit pricey, I'll have to conjour those.' He smiled apologetically as she rolled her eyes and sighed. She leaned over and removed her shoe, placing it on the table in front of her. 'Allow me.' The magician offered confidently.
            'Touch it and you'll end up like the flower.' He squeaked and withdrew his hand. She stroked the water stained shoe a few times. It sparkled slightly before returning to its previous spotless state. She placed it demurely back on her foot, and returned her foot to the floor. 
             'You wanna see a trick where I make a frisbee get bigger and bigger?'
             'Okay!' He got up from his seat and ran across the restaurant until he was around twenty yeards away from her. She remained in her seat with her eyebrows raised. 'ARE YOU READY?' he yelled across the dining room. She made an uncommitted gesture and rolled her eyes. 'Okay! try this one on for size!' He produced a frisbee from his pocket and grinned at her excitedly. She shook her head. 'I think you'll be surprised how much bigger this will appear to get, and how quickly too! Now don't blink because you'll miss it!'
             'Get on with it.'
           'Right!' He waved the frisbee around with a flourish, then threw it upwards so it span in the air just above his head before returning to his hand. 'Just stretching out the particles!' He then blew on it three times, before wafting it around in another flourish. Then he threw it towards his date. Her eyes widened as the thing flew towards her at speed. She raised a hand to defend herself and shouted something he'd never heard before. The ring of doom burst into bubbles which twinkled and popped their way to the floor. He looked on confused. He trudged back to the table scratching his head. 'It's never done that before.' He said, perplexed.
            'That's because you've never thrown it at me before.'
            'How is that a trick?'
            'It got bigger'
           'Yes, because you threw it at me. It looked bigger to me because it got closer to my face. It looked smaller to you, didn't it?'
             'Yes, all part of the trick!'
         'No. Not part of the trick. Basic physics. Very basic physics. Things appear bigger when they're closer, and smaller further away. Very basic.'
            'Erm -' 
            'And the flower thing? What was that?'
            'I never said that was a trick!'
            'It was crap though.'
            'Well that's harsh...Do you wanna go somewhere else?'
         'You're just saying that! Hold onto my arm, I'll transport us somewhere, where do you wanna go? Ooh, a sauna! That's relaxing.'
            'Why would I want to go to a sauna?'
            'I said, it's relaxing. Hold my arm.'
            'Hold it!'
           'Fine!' He grabbed her arm and whispered something magical. They disappeared, leaving a strange, almost sticky, void in the restaurant behind them. The waiter pulled a face as he walked past, the sticky residue had a strange taste and smelled musty. 
             The magician's date landed heavily in a dark steam room. The magician landed heavily on a sizeable fellow who was wearing nothing but a towel. He yelped, for the second time in the evening and jumped to his left, where, once again, he landed heavily; but this time it was on his date. She huffed and pushed him aside. 
             'This is going to ruin my hair.' He could feel her glaring at him. She stood up and walked deliberately over to the rectangle of light which was the door. He followed her. When they were outside, she began patting down her dress and smoothing her hair as he waved a string of colourful napkins about to dry them off. She rolled her eyes. He grinned sheepishly.
                'My next trick' he mumbled. 'So, you err, wanna go back to my place?' She glowered at him, her hair starting to frizz and expand. She straightened out so that she was standing at her full height and squared her shoulders, before replying;
                'Yeah, okay.' The magician smiled, he held out his arm for her to take, and once again they disappeared, leaving a musty smelling, strange tasting slightly sticky void.

        So that was weird, and really, really late. I apologise once again for the lateness. By a cat's whisker, it is still not a Saturday post! I hope you liked this, as I said in the last creative piece, feel free to send any stories you write using this method to the email in the 'Talk to Me' tab up there ^^^, or just leave in the comments if you liked this, or didn't like this, what could I improve upon? Also if you tried the method, what did you think of it? Did it help you get over writer's block?
          If you have any ideas for what I can review next week or if you want to see a particular topic/theme written about next Friday Thursday, drop it in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

                                     Thanks for reading! Laura

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