Tuesday, 7 May 2013

So, it's like this...

         Yep, I had my last exam on Friday, which was...interesting at best. So now I'm done for the summer, and as Mr Gibson is expressing, I am free. It was suggested that my next post after exams and coursework were done would just be the alphabet typed out repeatedly, seemingly as a result of 'revision insanity' - if you're a student, you will know of 'revision insanity', if you are going to be a student (uni) in the future, you will come to know it. It is a bit of a blessing in that you bond more with people, and Gollum impressions are totally acceptable. Anyway, I've been away for so long and I didn't want to freak you all out too much, so I thought I'd just post a massive photo of Mel Gibson; (interpret that as you will)
       Anyway, I realised that I just don't know how to do nothing, so I ordered some screenwriting textbooks and have planned my dissertation screenplay. I'll hopefully have something new and shiny and fictional and lovely for you all to read really soon, I'm just sorry I've been away for so long!
       I hope any of you who still have exams/coursework to do are feeling good about them - you'll be fine, and I wish you good luck! Anyone else who's done like me, welcome to freedom, my friends!

                                   Catch you later, thanks for reading! Laura

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