Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness - A Review

        Hey hey! I've had a think - reviews on here in the past seem to have gone down reasonably well, and as a way of bringing some sort of structure to my own blogging habits, I thought it may be worthwhile to make them a more regular thing. I thought it could work if I post reviews on Tuesdays, and creative pieces on Thursdays. I should say now that the reviews may not always be of brand new things, of course if I see a film on or close to its release date, I'll try and review it on here around that time. What I mean though, is that with regards to other reviews such as books, the book may not be a new release. So, without any further delay...
        Star Trek: Into Darkness made its appearance in UK cinemas on Thursday the 9th of May, 2013 - It is the follow up to the 2009 film Star Trek, both directed by J.J Abrams. It begins with a mixture of comedy and tension with Captain James T. Kirk, (Chris Pine) Bones, (Karl Urban) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) trying desperately to prevent a huge volcanic eruption on Planet Nibiru, which is threatening its primitive inhabitants. The tension continues with the dramatically ambiguous introduction of Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) The main story line begins here, with many twists and turns - the tension remaining at more-or-less the same level throughout, with some big peaks, and moments of comedic relief once again from Scotty (Simon Pegg)
        The inclusion of Carol (Alice Eve) I felt was almost unnecessary; I personally felt that her acting didn't quite live up to the standards of the other actors, and on her part there was no major character development or any sort of epiphany. Perhaps if she is included in future Star Trek films, she will have her moments of greatness, but for me, they just weren't there in this one.
        One really stand-out element of the film which I found absolutely fantastic, was Cumberbatch's portrayal of Khan. I'm a pretty massive Cumberbatch fan anyway, and truth be told - I went to see this film because he was in it. I was blown away though, honestly. He was dark, mysterious, brooding, evil, lovable, untrustworthy, a bit trustworthy; and just all around ambiguous and wonderful.
           There is one pretty big plot hole, but unfortunately, it is a bit of a spoiler, and I'd hate to ruin this for anyone. What I will say, is that it is quite near the end and involves resuscitation. I can see why they did it the way they did though, and the plot hole doesn't take anything away from the actual story. 
             Finally, I thoughts the character development which was shown with regards to Kirk in particular, and Spock to an extent; was their own character development. While Kirk remains young and fun-loving, he has a new edge of maturity - something which is very present near the film's conclusion.
              Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and am looking forward to the next installment, which has been announced, and should be on our screens some time in 2016. 

Next week's review will be on Evil Dead.

                                        Thanks for reading! Laura

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