Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Following - Part 5

Hey beautiful, here's the fifth installment of The Following, it's just a short piece of the story, but it's only a week until part six!

I slumped onto the sofa as soon as I got into my flat. I fell into a fitful sleep and awoke to the sound of knocking on my door some hours later. I was in a state of semi-consciousness which added to my confusion. I was not accustomed to visitors – even the postman didn’t knock anymore. I made my way across the room as quietly as possible, so that the would-be intruder may not hear my approach. Peering through the peephole in the door, my heart seemed to spasm, and my breath caught in my throat. He was standing there, a mixture of concern and anger in his face. I put my hands against the door and it bumped against the frame faintly. He stiffened at this, placing his ear against the wood and obviously concentrating. Was it worse to open the door and act ignorant; or to ignore him completely now that he’s more than likely aware of my being home? I wonder how he got the right flat.
I decided to open the door, but first I took a few silent steps backwards, so that he’d assume I hadn’t been near the door in the first place. I opened the window to my left so that the breeze could have been the culprit in making the door move before. Just as I was about to move back towards the door, he knocked again.
‘Just a second!’ I responded jovially. I began whistling and made my way to the door, making sure that my feet made a sound on the floor – another measure intended to remove his suspicions that I’d been so near to him already.  When I opened the door, he didn’t wait for an invitation. I felt a rush of freezing heat as my blood responded to the notion that I’d been caught. I closed the door and turned to face him. 

I'll be back on Tuesday to review Evil Dead, so have a really great weekend and thanks for reading!

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