Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Following - Part 6

     Hey there, here's part six of the Following. If you missed it, my review of Evil Dead went up in the early hours of Wednesday so that's further down the page. Next Tuesday will be the first book review to feature on here; so without much more waffling - enjoy the story, and I'll see you on Tuesday.

 He stared straight at me; his eyes boring into mine, I almost felt the need to shield myself from his glare. Other than this, he looked completely calm.
‘Was that you I saw near my girlfriend’s flat this morning?’ I stared blankly at him, that wave of icy fire moving through me once more, caressing my heart and making me rigid. ‘I asked a question.’ I wanted to run. ‘Well?’
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I responded slowly and deliberately. His fists clenched and his shoulders became tighter; my knees buckled.
‘So that thud I heard on the landing below, the one that was supposed to seem like someone tripped – that wasn’t you?’ I felt dizzy, my head was starting to spin and I was fighting a surge of nausea.
‘But you know what I’m talking about?’
‘So when the person who…tripped, started whistling – that wasn’t you either?’
‘No.’ I felt like a petulant schoolboy who had been caught shooting spit balls at a teacher. I felt five years old and I didn’t like it, my fear was beginning to turn into anger.
‘That’s strange though, isn’t it? Because in the seconds before you opened the door to me, you started whistling. You started whistling the same tune, in the same way that the person who tripped earlier did. The person who I suspect jumped from my girlfriend’s balcony, and by extension – the person I saw sitting on the balcony last night in the rain, before I passed it off as a bin bag. You may as well just come clean.’
‘I didn’t jump from the balcony.’ I began to move away from the door now, anger bringing a new confidence to me. I could take this guy, he wasn’t anything special. He just looked bigger because he’d puffed out his chest and squared his shoulders. I was stronger. I moved into the kitchen and placed my hands nonchalantly on the counter top. ‘Tea?’ I offered. I saw a new level of anger come into his eyes. I almost laughed.
‘So you’re saying it wasn’t you? You’re lying to me?’
‘No, I’m not lying to you at all, I simply said I didn’t jump from the balcony. I jumped from the guttering.’ I clicked the button on the kettle, he stood there staring, a heavy silence weighing down the air between us. The kettle began to shake as the water inside reacted to the searing heat emitted from the heating element within. Steam began to rise from the kettle, creating a cloud between us. I took the chance to reach to the knife holder to my left. ‘You know, I never actually came into your girlfriend’s property. I sat on the side-lines, watching her, adoring her. You, on the other hand, I don’t remember inviting you in here. I wonder what the police would say if I called them now, I can prove you’re in here, what can you prove?’ The steam had cleared by now, and I felt a pang of terror when he looked up at me again, for the rage in his eyes was more evident than I had ever imagined it could be.
‘How long have you been following her?’
‘A while now – long enough to know all of her friends by name, long enough to know her parents, long enough to know the best way onto her balcony without being seen…’ He lunged at me now, his aggression carrying him over the counter-top. His shoulder made impact with my chin and his bear-like arms wrapped themselves around my waist, slamming me down onto the linoleum floor with the force of our combined weights.

Hope you liked this piece, the next bit will be up next Thursday. There probably aren't very many instalments left of this, so we'll be onto something new in a few weeks. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday.
                                Thanks for reading! Laura

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