Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Following - Part 7

      Hey guys, happy Thursday! Sorry it's a little later in the day than usual, but I came home for part of the week and had a really great day out with my mum, and a lovely meal with both parents. 
      Did you know, starting yesterday it's National Crime Writing Month? So I guess that makes this post quite apt, being as it's about stalking and violence etcetera...

I was winded, but resolved to win this fight, whatever the cost. The knife had flown from my hand as he took me down and I tried to shuffle away from his writhing body to get it. He slammed me into the cupboards, a glass on top wobbling so hard that it fell and smashed right by his head. As he shielded his eyes from the splintering glass, I heaved myself backwards and wrenched my left arm from his grasp. He regained his grip and as I lowered my face to him once again, I felt the full fury behind his fist collide with my jaw – my teeth sunk into my tongue, pain exploding across the flesh, the taste of blood soon followed the pain and began seeping down my throat.
I made a move to grab the knife’s handle but he launched himself forwards and in one swift movement he pinned my arm to the floor and knocked the weapon from my grasp. The force of his movement threw us both into the leg of the table, a sharp pain cracked through my skull as my head made impact with the furniture, a second crack swiftly followed as the table toppled over and a third was emitted as his fist reconnected with my jaw for a second time. This time I spat out one of my back teeth and a gob of bloody spit.
The sound of knocking at the door was almost drowned out as he mounted me and began punching my face alternately from left to right. It came again, louder this time, along with a statement that is was the police, and if the door was not opened in the next ten seconds, they would have to use force. I tried to cry out, but could only gurgle through the blood and saliva which were gathering in my wind-pipe. One of my eyes was beginning to swell so much that I could barely see through it and my head was fuzzy. The light escaped from the world just as I saw the door fly open, and shards of wood splinter through the air – one piece grazing my temple before I lost grip of the last minuscule tendrils of consciousness.

Hopefully you enjoyed this bit of the story - I'm not sure how many pieces of the story are left, but I think we're near our conclusion, so if you have any suggestions for new stories you'd be interested in, either suggest it in the comments or tweet me @EmphaticPanda, I'm also pretty interested as to whether you'd want more stories in parts like this, or one off pieces like I used to do a lot - again, tweet me of comment on the post what you'd like, and I'll do my best to accommodate everyone :)
            See you on Tuesday for a feature of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'trilogy of five' etc. etc. 

                  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! Laura

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